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Issues with MotionVFX plugins and templates

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MotionVFX Timelines guide
Are your plugins compatible with Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) computers?
I see a red screen with a yellow exclamation mark in the Final Cut Pro viewport.
I need to move my plugins to a new machine, how am I supposed to do that?
Compositing elements show a black background
I have purchased one of your Compositing Packs – how do I install and use it?
After installing, I can't find the product in any of the FCP's browsers.
Do your products support Beta or Trial versions of the operating system or host software?
Can I use your products in Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, or any other app?
After applying mLUT to my footage, it turns red!
What is the difference between the DEMO and the FULL versions of your products?
How can I use mO2 in FCP/Motion?
How can I use the template in Final Cut Pro?
Do you support Compressor?
I see a checkerboard in the exported video.
Which audio track did you use in the promo/tutorial video?
Are your mLUTs compatible with Log footage?
Do you have a DEMO version of your templates/template-based products?
I would like to move a product to an external disk.
I don't see the effect after applying mVertical to my clip
How do I upgrade the DEMO version of a product to a FULL version?
After applying mPuppet, the image becomes blurry
Do you offer your products on a physical medium?
I've purchased a Motion 4 template and the Published Parameters list is empty.
What is the difference between an X and a Y product? Is product Y an updated/upgraded version of X?
Why can't I display my language's special characters in your product (for example ć, ü, ッ, 救, etc.)
How do I install an After Effects Template?
I am missing some elements in the purchased After Effects template.
Can I run one of your products on an older version (than the one it was created in) of the operating system/host software?
I cannot find my mO2 Model Pack in any FCP browser.
I have purchased an After Effects project - where is the transition template?
Can I use an After Effects template in Motion or FCP?
How to install MotionVFX products