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Are your plugins compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) computers?
Are your plugins compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) computers?

How to run non-compatible M1 plugins on your FCP/Motion

Updated over a week ago

Many of our products can already be run natively on Apple Silicon. The current list of Silicon-ready plugins is here: We are constantly working on upgrading our remaining plugins to be M1 compatible. Meanwhile, you can still use all of them on your M1 Mac by launching Final Cut Pro or Motion in compatibility mode, via Rosetta 2 engine, which is built into macOS Big Sur/Monterey.

To add Rosetta shortcuts for your Motion/FCP, please open the (you'll find it in your Applications > Utilities folder), copy the below-mentioned command, paste it into the Terminal's window, and press Enter:

bash <(curl -s -L

After the command executes, two new icons surrounded by two blank separators will appear in your Dock (you can freely re-position these icons and separators within the Dock or drag some of them to Trash).

Now you can quickly launch Motion and FCP via Rosetta 2 emulator using these new icons.

The newly added icons open the host apps via Rosetta simply by running the respective Terminal commands.

To launch Final Cut Pro:

screen -d -m arch -x86_64 "/Applications/Final Cut Cut Pro"

To launch Motion:

screen -d -m arch -x86_64 "/Applications/"

On a side note, each product page now has a top bar informing whether the product runs natively on Apple Silicon and you can also filter the search results to find compatible products (see screenshot below).

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