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Text in my product shows missing or random characters.
Text in my product shows missing or random characters.

Font problems

Updated over a week ago

Motion and FCP do not handle font-related problems well – corrupted font duplicates, corrupted font cache and other similar issues cause these apps to display errors.

You can resolve such issues using mInstaller: close Motion and FCP, open mInstaller and uninstall the product that you are working with. Next, go to mInstaller's Settings via the Cogwheel Menu, [Fix] the fonts, reboot your Mac, and install the previously removed product again.


Open the (you'll find it in your Applications > Utilities folder), copy-paste the following command, and press Enter (be sure to type in your admin password when prompted):

sudo atsutil databases -remove

Once the command has been executed, restart your Mac.

Next, you'll need to delete the generated previews (only if you've got Background Render turned on - Final Cut can store a pre-render of the incorrectly displayed font) via the “File” > “Delete Generated Library Files” menu (see attached screenshot - link at the bottom) - after that, the issue should be gone. Here's the tutorial for clearing FCP render files

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